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Specialists in Minimally Invasive Surgery Systems

Endomed was born from decades of experience in production, distribution and repair of endoscopic equipment and minimally invasive surgery instruments. Since 2009, we have been present in the field of endoscopy with the distribution of our “MEDICI” brand. Local Health Units and Clinics of our area knew us both through technical interventions carried out and for the high quality of the equipment supplied. Time and the trust placed in us are allowing our Company to embrace a quite huge area of ​​work.

We are a young and dynamic Company, able to operate throughout Italian territory, thanks to a dense sales network, made up of agents and specialized dealers managed by our central office which coordinates its activities.

Beside technical assistance service that ENDOMED offers to all its customers, its range of distributed endoscopic equipment and instruments consists of:

  1. Rigid Endoscopes and Endoscopic Instruments for Urology, Gynecology, Arthroscopy and Laparoscopy;

  2. Flexible endoscopes for Urology, Gynecology, Anesthesia/Intubation, Ear;

  3. System for Bipolar Urological-Gynecological Resection with Electrodes and Snares of all models;

  4. Mono/Bipolar/Argon Electrosurgical Units

  5. “Vessel Sealing up to 8 mm” Sealing System, with multipurpose blade-cut forceps;

  6. Complete Video Endoscopic column for all surgical specializations;

  7. Laparoscopic accessories and disposable Trocars, Forceps, Scissors, Veress needles, Endo bags;

  8. Lubricating gel for Endoscopy and catheter positioning;

  9. Orthopedic blades and burs.


ENDOMED SRL as a manufacturer of minimally invasive surgery instruments, makes of economic competitiveness, as well as short delivery times, its strengths.

The added value of ENDOMED are human resources, we remain a Company made up of people before professional skills.

Today we are present in human and industrial endoscopy market and we are taking our first steps in veterinary medicine.

All our products are supported by CE certification which allows us to be present both in European and non-European markets.

Together since 2003

Endomed story begins in 2003, with the foundation of the EndomedItalia, a service Company focused on maintenance and regeneration of surgical devices.

The intent of its founders was to set up a production pole specialized in minimal invasive surgery instruments that could compete with main German Companies.

This was an ambitious goal never achieved in Italy. This required a thorough study of the project, the search for European partners from which to import specialist know-how, technicians to train.

Our technicians were trained in Germany, allowing the project to take shape.

In 2010 Endomed was born, the first Company in Italy specialized in the production of minimal invasive endoscopy.

We have gone from carrying out maintenance/repair to producing rigid endoscopes, from replacing components to designing the entire optical and mechanical system of endoscopes.

The result of our efforts is our brand,
of which we are proud.

Under our brand we sell products created directly in our laboratory.

Today MEDICI is synonymous of reliability and versatility on the market and above all underlines an all-Italian identity in the minimal invasive endoscopy sector.

We are present in national, European, non-European, Middle East and Latin American markets.

Medici brand makes our products immediately identifiable on the market.

We were inspired by the Renaissance period that distinguished Italy in the world, and more precisely by one of the most representative families of the time, precisely Medici.

Why Choose ENDOMED

The first
Italian company

Endomed is the first company in Italy specialized in the production of minimal invasive endoscopy.

High-quality products

The internal laboratory represents our flagship


Guaranteed training for all staff.


Every step of the production cycle involves a quality control process to which we dedicate utmost attention.

24/7 Support

Endomed will respond promptly thanks to a long-lasting warranty on the products offered.


A young, dynamic,
and versatile company

A company built on people before professionals.


Endomed srl managers fully represent the Company spirit: young, dynamic and versatile.

Faced with every problem, they are able to make decisions in a dynamic way and maintain direct contact with customers.

This allows for rapid problem solving and extremely fast response times.

Also in the planning of work we are able to guarantee such flexibility as to support all the needs of all customers.


Endomed offers a range of cutting-edge products in minimal invasive surgery as well as a wide range of endoscopic instruments.

We are certified manufacturers of Rigid Scopes.

We supply endoscopic systems of advanced technology and compatible with the equipment of the main Companies on the market, such as Storz, Wolf, Stryker, Olympus.

The internal laboratory represents our flagship: in addition to production, we also offer an assistance service for medical devices of all brands.

Our offer is completed by the production of laparotomic instruments.

Each step of the production cycle requires quality control to which we pay extreme attention.

Thanks to the high technical competence acquired, we are able to offer a wide range of instruments for each surgical discipline.


We are present both on national and international market by attending the most popular events on the market, like exhibitions, congresses, customer training, or in case of dealers, we try to make them independent and able to face all the difficulties.

We guarantee an after-sales service in order to support our customer to make installation of the devices successful.

Short time response distinguishes us, which allows operating room to continue its activity.